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Huntington Opioid Services

Written by Legal Aid WV


It’s no secret that Huntington is a community struggling with severe opioid abuse, and, as a result, sees above-average rates of drug use, overdose deaths, and drug-dependent newborns. Huntington, at one time, led the State in overdoses, and has been a strong national contender for opioid addiction as well. State and City leaders have worked tirelessly for several years to combat the epidemic, and we are seeing positive results. One of the reasons we are seeing positive results is because we have amazing community partners with leaders who devote their lives to helping those in need. Below are three of our most well-known community partners and the services they provide.

  1. Huntington City Mission:
    • https://www.huntingtoncitymission.org/services
    • 624 10th Street, Huntington, WV 25701
    • 304-523-0293
    • Services
      • Emergency shelter
      • Food and meal programs
      • Adult education
      • Lisa’s Pantry
        • Food boxes distributed Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:30-3:30.
      • Spiritual support and counseling
  2. Harmony House
    • http://harmonyhousewv.com/
    • 627 4th Ave. Huntington, WV 25701
    • 304-523-2764
    • Services
      • Jobs First: a grant-funded program that helps clients find employment in the tri-state area by focusing services on mock interviews, resume writing, online application assistance, interview attire, and job coaching.
      • Medica care: an LPN sees clients on Mondays during morning hours and a physician’s assistant from Marshall Family Medicine sees clients on Tuesday and Thursday morning.
      • Vision assistance: if a client is homeless, living at City Mission (or similar facility), they can receive a free eye exam and eye glasses.
      • Counseling services
      • Payee services: a representative will assist clients who receive social security or SSI with money management.
      • Housing assistance
      • Essentials: will provide basic toiletry and hygiene items
      • Transportation services
  3. Prestera Center
    • https://www.prestera.org/about-us/locations/
    • 877-399-7776
    • Services
      • Addictions and Recovery programs
      • Housing
      • Intensive outpatient drug rehab
      • Employment assistance
      • School-based services for children, which include evaluations, psychological testing, case management, and crisis intervention.
      • In-home services for children
      • Children’s mobile crisis team, which deals with psychiatric emergencies in youth

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