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Legal Information

What to Expect as a Patient Involuntarily Committed to a West Virginia Psychiatric Hospital

Mental health, Substance Use Disorder Recovery

Last updated on 10/11/2023 at 12:26 pm

Please note: The questions below are generally answered but may have exceptions due to safety reasons or individual needs.

How does a person get involuntarily committed?

Who takes me to the hospital?

How long will I have to stay in the hospital?

What law says I must be involuntarily committed?

Do any laws protect my rights while I am a patient in the hospital?

What happens when I get to the hospital?

What happens when I get on the unit?

May I keep my personal belongings with me?

Where will I keep my personal belongings?

What will I do in the hospital?

May I make telephone calls in the hospital?

May my family and friends visit me in the hospital?

May I eat what I want?

May I watch television?

May I listen to music?

May I have snacks?

May I write letters?

Is the mail I receive read by staff members?

May I read, do crossword puzzles, or word searches while in the hospital?

What other recreational activities will be available?

May I use my own personal hygiene products?

Am I allowed to wear makeup at the hospital?

Am I allowed to shave my face, legs, and/or pubic area?

May I get a haircut while in the hospital?

May I go into the community to eat or shop while a patient?

May I have sex with other patients while in the hospital?

May the hospital ever make me move to another facility or hospital?

When I am ready to leave the hospital, who will take me where I need to go?