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How to Respectfully Communicate with People Different from Yourself

Mental health, Substance Use Disorder Recovery

Posted on 07/02/2021at3:20 pm

People-first language is a modern language movement to reduce stigma around different groups of people.  The more common it becomes, the more comfortable people become in hearing and reading it.

What is people-first language?

What are some examples of people-first speech?

What is identity-first language?

How do I know when to use either person-first language or identity-first language?

Why is it important to use people-first speech?

When should person-first language be used?

When you should identity-first language?

When should you use no language at all?

What else should I avoid when using person-first language?

Is person-first speech used in speaking and writing?

Is it okay for anyone to use “reclaimed” words?

Where can I learn more?