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Tax Issues in Child Support and Divorce Cases

Child Support, Divorce, Separation, & Annulment, Taxes

Last updated on 08/23/2021 at 4:43 pm

Do I have to count the Child Support payments that I receive each year as income on my tax forms?

Do I have to count the Alimony that I receive from my ex-spouse each year as income on my tax forms?

Can I deduct the Child Support that I pay from my income?

Can I deduct the Alimony payments that I make each year to my spouse?

If my wife has custody of our kids, but I pay a lot of money in child support, can I claim my son as a dependent on my taxes?

My wife and I agreed that I would make her alimony payments to her sister, because my wife needs some help handling finances. Can I deduct these alimony payments I make, even if I don’t make them directly to my wife?

My spouse and I were divorced in January of this year. Can I file as a single person for last year?