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Public Utilities: Deposits, Shut offs, and Reconnections

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Last updated on 11/16/2022 at 4:25 pm

This article provides general information about the rules that apply for electric, gas and water service. You should talk to the Public Service Commission (PSC) of West Virginia at 1-800-642-8544 or a lawyer if you have specific questions about your situation.

Who regulates public utilities in West Virginia?

Does the utility have the right to request a deposit from me?

What if I cannot afford to make a deposit?

What if I want to disconnect my service?

Is there a penalty if I disconnect my service, but want to reconnect it at the same address?

When can my electric, gas or water be cut off?

Will the utility contact me before turning off my service?

When can’t the utility turn off my service?

Can the utility still cut off my service if it’s dangerous to someone living in my house?

What can I do once the utility has notified me that they are going to cut off my service?

Can I set up a payment plan with the utility if I cannot afford to pay for my entire bill?

What are the conditions if I miss a payment plan payment?

What happens if I lose my job, have a child, or start supporting someone else and can’t make my payment plan payments?

What if I’m a senior citizen? Can they still cut off my service?

Are there any special rules that apply to people who have mental or physical problems?

What days and times can my service be cut off by the company?

If I had paid my payment after the utility has cut off my service, how long will it take for me to get my service turned back on?

When should I file a complaint with the PSC?

How do I file a complaint with the PSC?