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Car Loan Collection and Repossession

Car payment issues, Debt & Lending Money issues

Last updated on 08/23/2021 at 3:55 pm

I'm late paying my car loan. What can the creditor do?

Are There Protections For Me Before the Creditor Can Do These Things?

Can I lose my car?

Can you explain what some of those words mean?

So How Does This Repossession Process Work?

What Steps Does The Creditor Have To Take First, To Be Permitted to Repossess My Car?

What if the Creditor Has Agreed to Accept My Payments Late?

What Does It Mean If My Loan Is "Accelerated?"

Suppose I Get A “Ten Day Notice” and Don’t Catch Up, and The Creditor Sends Me A “Notice of Acceleration” On My Loan. Will I Be Okay If I Catch Up the Missing Payments After That?

Does the creditor have to tell me before he takes my property?

Can anyone use force to take my car from me?

What Else Might Be "Breach of Peace"?

Can someone repossess my car if it is in my garage?

Can my car be repossessed any time of day?

What happens after repossession?

Can I get my car back after it has been repossessed?

I had other belongings in my car when it was repossessed. What happens to my personal belongings in the car?

What if my property was sold after the repossession and it wasn't enough to pay off my loan?