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How to Clear Up A CPS Record That Is Keeping You From Getting a Job

Abuse & Neglect, CPS Records

Posted on 08/18/2023at6:48 pm

NOTE:   A law went into effect in June 2023 that provides more options to deal with clearing Child Protective Services (CPS) cases from your record in West Virginia. We have provided as much information as we know.  We will update this article as we learn more. To learn how this law applies to your situation, try to find more legal help.

Reasons to Seal Your CPS Record:

What does it mean to seal my record?

How can having a CPS case on my record harm me?

Why should I try to have my record sealed?

Finding information about your CPS cases

How do I know if I have a CPS case on my record?

What should be on the notice that you received?

How do I get my CPS records if I don’t already have them?

What can show up on my CPS records?

“Unsubstantiated” Allegation: What does unsubstantiated mean?

“Substantiated” Allegation: What does substantiated mean?

When can CPS records be sealed?

What happens if CPS finds a substantiated allegation but no petition is filed in court?

What if there is a substantiated allegation and an abuse or neglect petition is filed in court, but a court finds that no abuse or neglect occurred?

What if an abuse and neglect petition is filed against you and a court finds that abuse or neglect did occur?

How do I file to ask a court to seal my record?

What can I do to show that I should be granted the sealing of my record?

Can I get help through Legal Aid with this process?

After Sealing your Record:

Where should court orders sealing my record be sent?

How long will it take to seal the record after receiving the order?

Is it automatically changed in the system, or do I have to tell somebody?