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Child Abuse and Neglect under West Virginia Law

Abuse & Neglect, Child Custody & Parenting Plans

Last updated on 12/19/2023 at 9:27 pm

What is child abuse under West Virginia law?

What is neglect under West Virginia law?

Who investigates child abuse and neglect in West Virginia?

How are abuse and neglect cases handled in court?

How can you report suspected child abuse and neglect?

When can CPS remove children from the home?

What is a petition?

What is an initial order?

What is a preliminary hearing?

Who is the respondent in an abuse and neglect case?

What is an improvement period?

What is an MDT?

Who goes to an MDT?

When does the judge give a respondent an improvement period?

What is a family case plan?

What is an adjudicatory hearing?

What is a dispositional hearing?

What is a permanency hearing?

What standard determines how decisions are made in abuse and neglect cases?

What will happen to brothers and sisters if more than one child is removed from the home?

Who gets appointed a lawyer?

What is a co-petitioner?

What is CASA?

What is a GAL?

How can you get involved in an abuse and neglect case if you are a relative of the child?

Does DHHR try to place child with relatives in abuse and neglect cases?

What are the requirements to become a foster care provider?

What is the PRIDE program?

Who should call Legal Aid?

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