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Child Abuse and Neglect: How can relatives (other than the parents) become involved to help the child?

Abuse & Neglect, Child Custody & Parenting Plans, Foster Care

Last updated on 08/23/2021 at 3:58 pm


Who investigates child abuse and neglect in West Virginia?

Why would a child be removed from a home?

How will relatives find out that a child has been removed from his/her parents’ home?

I'm a relative. What do I need to do to get the child placed with me?

How can relatives get involved in Abuse and Neglect cases in court?

Are relative/kinship homes possible placement choices for children?

Who is thought to be a relative/kinship?

Are certain relatives preferred?

What does grandparent preference mean?

What does sibling preference mean?

What if CPS places a child with me, do I need to do anything?

What happens if a relative’s home is going to be the placement for the child?

Do relatives have to become certified foster parents?

Can relatives get other help if they aren’t certified foster parents?

I have the child in my care, but an abuse and neglect case has been started against the parents in court. What is that?

Where do Abuse and Neglect hearings take place?

Who gets a court-appointed attorney?

Who can be in the courtroom during the case?

How can relatives get involved in Abuse and Neglect cases in court?

What are possible results in an Abuse and Neglect case?

Who should call Legal Aid?