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Abuse & Neglect, Adoption

Last updated on 02/16/2024 at 8:55 pm


What does adoption mean under West Virginia law?

Is there more than one kind of adoption in West Virginia?

What is a third-party adoption?

What are the differences between adoption and guardianship?

How do I begin an adoption?

What is abandonment?

What if it is not the birth parent’s fault that they cannot support the child or stay in touch with the child?

What is consent?

Does consent to an adoption need to be in writing?

Can I pay someone to get them to consent to an adoption?

What is the difference between consent and relinquishment?

If I am the birth parent, how do I go about giving my consent for adoption?

What if one parent does not consent?

What if the birth father is unknown?

Does a child have to agree to an adoption?

What if I want to adopt someone over the age of 18?

Can I ask for an “open” adoption?

Do I have to be screened to adopt a child?

What are the legal effects of an adoption?

Can I adopt my foster child?

Can I receive any tax benefits for adopting a child?

Are there other supports that I can gain or lose if I adopt a child?

Can I represent myself in an adoption hearing?