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Creditor Harassment and Dealing with Debt Collectors

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Last updated on 08/23/2021 at 4:05 pm

This article provides general information about creditor harassment and dealing with debt collectors.  If you have questions about your situation, you should talk to a lawyer.

I'm getting phone calls from someone who says I owe money. Are they allowed to call me?

Do I have to talk to the debt collector when he calls?

Is the debt collector allowed to swear or make threats when he calls me?

What can I do to stop a debt collector?

I don't owe the money the debt collector is trying to get me to pay. What can I do?

The debt collector keeps calling me even though I asked him to stop. What should I do?

I think the debt collector violated the law. Should I call a lawyer?

I have a lawyer who is handling my case, but the debt collector keeps calling me. What should I do?

Is any of my property or income protected from debt collectors?