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Changing a Parenting Plan When a Parent is Moving to a New Location

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Posted on 04/14/2021at8:16 pm

Do I Have To Change My Court-Ordered Parenting Plan When I Move To A New Address?

What If The Other Parent Doesn’t Have Any Time With The Children Under The Current Parenting Plan?

Do I Have to Change the Parenting Plan For A Temporary Move?

If A New Parenting Plan Is Needed Due To Relocation, What Is The Procedure?

What Has To Be In A “Notice Of Relocation”?

Where Do I Send The Notice of Relocation?

What If The Need To Move Comes Up Suddenly, And I Can’t Give The Required 60 Days of Advance Notice?

I’ve Sent A Notice of Relocation. But We Can’t Agree On How To Change the Parenting Plan. What Now?

I’ve Gotten A Notice of Relocation, And I Don’t Agree With It. What Now?

What Will The Family Court Look At In A Relocation Dispute?

How Does The Court Define “Good Reason” For A Move?

What Does “Good Faith” Mean?

What Does “Legitimate Purpose” Mean?

What Does “Location That Is Reasonable in Light of the Purpose” Mean?

Do I Have To Show The Court That I Have Good Reasons For Moving?

What If I Already Have Most Of The Parenting Time. How Does The Family Court Consider That?

What If the Family Court Decides That the Move Is Not “In Good Faith, For Legitimate Purpose, To Reasonable Location”?

If the Move Is Not “In Good Faith, For Legitimate Purpose, To Reasonable Location” Can The Family Court Tell ME Where I Have To Live?