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In this week’s blog, I want to speak briefly about NECCO, a wonderful organization that assists families with foster care, adoption, and behavioral health services. NECCO has offices in Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. In West Virginia, NECCO’s offices are located in Cross Lanes, Logan, and Huntington.

As part of their foster care services, they offer a twelve week Parent Education training course where they teach problem-solving skills, assist foster parents in learning how to become advocates for themselves and their children, and how to coordinate other community resources. The course also assists new fostering families with parenting skills, strategies, discipline, and effective listening techniques.

I recently learned that NECCO offers many adult life skills courses as well. Families can apply for assistance with budgeting, meal preparation, household maintenance, hygiene, and use of an access to community resources such as choosing a doctor or riding a bus. I have a client whose baby’s father took the child to Memphis, TN and will not return him. This client receives services from NECCO, and NECCO is willing to provide client money for a bus ticket to and from TN once we are able to locate the child.

Until recently, I was unaware of the many services that NECCO provides. It is not only a wonderful resource for hopeful fostering families, but also for many of our clients who could benefit from adult life skills courses.

For more information, visit their website: https://www.necco.org/

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