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Legal Information

Step-Parent Adoption


Last updated on 06/09/2021 at 1:24 pm

This article answers questions about stepparent adoption under West Virginia law.  It is only about adoptions when a stepparent wants to adopt the child of his or her spouse. For information about adoption by someone other than a stepparent, read the article on Adoption.

What is stepparent adoption?

Do I need consent from the other birth parent to adopt my stepchild?

What is abandonment?

What if the other birth parent does not agree to the stepparent adoption?

How long will I have to be married to the birth parent before I can adopt my stepchild?

Will I have to go through any screening to adopt my stepchild?

Will the child have to consent to the adoption?

What are the legal effects of an adoption?

Do I have to pay child support for a child I adopted?

Do I need a lawyer to help with a stepparent adoption?