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Reasonable Accommodations of Disabilities in Employment

Disability: Reasonable Accommodation

Last updated on 05/26/2021 at 4:40 pm

This is general information about reasonable accommodations of disabilities in employment.  If you have questions about your own situation, you should talk to a lawyer.

What is a reasonable accommodation?

What does "essential functions of a job" mean?

When is an employer required to provide a reasonable accommodation?

I'm looking for work right now. Can I request an accommodation to assist me in applying for a job?

What are some examples of reasonable accommodations?

Are there any accommodations my employer would not have to provide?

I want to ask my employer for an accommodation that I think is reasonable. How do I go about asking for it?

I prepared and submitted my request. What happens next?

What accommodations are not reasonable to expect?

Can my employer ask me to submit medical support for my request?

I did everything you said but my employer didn’t do any of the things you said they’re supposed to do. What do I do now?

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