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Paying for Nursing Home Care: Medicaid

Health Coverage benefits, Paying for medical care

Last updated on 08/23/2021 at 4:31 pm

Private insurance is expensive and hard to get. Medicare won’t help very long. Is Medicaid a better option to pay for nursing home care?

Will this article tell me everything I need to know about Medicaid coverage for nursing home care?

If one spouse must go to a nursing home, will both spouses have to spend all their money before Medicaid will help?

Let’s start with the person who has no spouse or dependent child at home when she needs nursing home care. Is there an INCOME limit for eligibility?

If I’m that single person with no spouse or dependent child at home, and I meet the income limit, is there also an ASSET limit for eligibility?

What does Medicaid NOT count against the $2,000 asset limit?

Can I give my money to my children, or family, or friends, or church, in order to make myself eligible for Medicaid?

How far back will Medicaid look for “uncompensated transfers”?

Now suppose I’m one of those people WITH a spouse or dependent child remaining at home when I need to go to a nursing home. Does income received by my spouse or child count against my eligibility?

What if most or all of our income comes in the name of the spouse needing nursing home care? Is the spouse at home left with no income for herself?

How much income can be protected for the spouse at home?

Does having a spouse at home also change the Asset limit? Do we have to spend all our bank accounts and retirement money so that I can get Medicaid coverage?

When should I apply for Medicaid coverage of nursing home costs? When I first go into the nursing home, or when I think I might actually be eligible?

Do I have to sell my house and use the money for nursing home costs before Medicaid will cover anything?

If my home is not counted as an asset while I’m in the nursing home, what happens to it after I die? Will it go to my heirs, or will Medicaid come after it for reimbursement?

If I leave the nursing home for a short time, to go to hospital or for other medical treatment, or to visit family, will I lose my bed in the home or my Medicaid coverage?

Will the nursing home help me handle this “bed hold” problem?