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Legal Information

Homeowners’ Rights in a Natural Disaster

Insurance claims after a disaster, Owning or buying a home, Rebuilding after a disaster

Last updated on 10/11/2023 at 12:13 pm

Do I have to pay my mortgage even if my home was destroyed or I cannot live in it right now?

What if I cannot afford to pay my mortgage right now?

What can my lender do if I do not pay my mortgage?

What if my home is destroyed and I have no insurance?

I have insurance. How does that affect my mortgage payments?

What if insurance does not cover all my losses and expenses?

What if the amount of money FEMA paid me does not cover my losses?

What type of assistance does FEMA provide?

What happens if the government condemns my house?

What if a relative and or extended family also lived with me before the disaster?

Checklist: Calls to Make

I am worried my lender will foreclose on me, do I have other options?

What should I do if I have received a written Notice of Foreclosure?

Certain kinds of Federal Loans have special foreclosure protections. Check to see if your lender is listed below to see if you might qualify for any additional protections: