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Good Cause Domestic Violence Exception from Establishment of Paternity/Collection of Child Support for People who recieve WV Works or Medicaid

Child Support, Domestic Violence & Abuse, Food & cash benefits, Health Coverage benefits, Paternity

Last updated on 08/23/2021 at 4:18 pm

What is the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement?

Do I need to work with the BCSE?

What if I am a victim of domestic violence and do not want to cooperate with BCSE?

What IS “good cause” in West Virginia?

What if I think I have good cause?

What happens next?

What type of verification will I need?

What if I do not have or cannot get any of these?

Will my Worker contact my abuser?

When will I know if I qualified for Good Cause?

What if my Worker determines that good cause does exist?

What if my Worker determines that good cause does not exist?

What if I’ve been to family court and the judge finds good cause or orders no child support?