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Eviction from a Mobile Home Park

Eviction from a home, Renting or leasing a home

Last updated on 04/03/2024 at 1:14 pm

If you own a mobile home and rent a lot in a mobile home park, there are special rules for eviction. This article provides information about evictions in these situations.

If you rent a mobile home instead of owning it, then most normal rules about eviction apply. You can learn more about that process in our article on the Court Eviction Process.

Did you sign a lease or other agreement to rent your lot?

What should the written agreement [lease] include?

Can a landlord change the rules after I’ve signed my lease?

What if I don’t have a lease or my landlord didn’t give me a copy?

Can my landlord make me move my mobile home off the rental site?

If I am being evicted for a reason or “good cause” will I get a notice, and how much notice will I get?

Can landlords shut off your utilities, remove your home from your lot, change your locks when they were trying to evict you, or prevent you from removing your home from their lot?

What happens if my landlord goes to court to evict me?

What happens if the court evicts me? How long will I get to stay there? How long will I have to move my trailer?

Can my landlord stop me from selling my mobile home to someone else?

Did you get evicted at the same time as many of your neighbors?

Are there problems with your lot’s safety and sanitation when you were evicted?

Is there financial help available to move my mobile home?