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Every Student Succeeds Act: What You Need to Know

Special Education

Last updated on 05/24/2021 at 7:40 pm

What is the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)?

What is the purpose of the ESSA?

Where can I find ESSA?

Who does the ESSA affect?

When should ESSA go into effect?

What standards are the states required to adopt?

What are the factors for “challenging academic standards”?

What is the meaning of a regular diploma?

What other standards are used for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities?

What is the meaning of an alternate diploma?

Are there any other standards schools will have to plan for?

What are the credentials needed for special education teachers?

What is an emergency status for teachers?

What right does the parent have to know about a teacher’s background?

How much testing is needed under the ESSA?

Can high schools use the SAT or ACT, college acceptance tests, in lieu of state assessments?

How will students with the most significant cognitive disabilities be impacted by testing?

What is the required involvement for those with the most significant cognitive disabilities?

What is new to the alternative testing guidelines?

What do local educational agencies (LEAs) have to give to the public before testing starts?

Is there a difference between school report cards and State report cards?

Do schools need to continue to publish assessment report cards?

Do states need to produce a yearly report card?

What is required on the state’s yearly report card?

What does the state need to include about school safety?

What does the state need to publish about the teachers’ backgrounds in the yearly report card?

What is a subgroup?

Are there any new subgroups under the ESSA?

What is needed to be on the state report card about students in the subgroups?

How do accountability plans work?

What are the factors the states must look at to evaluate school performance?

What are some examples of an ‘additional’ measure a school can look at?

Do any factors have greater weight?

When and how often will states begin looking for schools that need improvement and support?