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Legal Information

Court Papers: Filling Them Out, Getting Them Filed and Notifying the Other Side

Going to Court & dealing with procedure

Last updated on 12/19/2023 at 7:11 pm

This is general information about completing and filing paperwork to file in court. If you want advice about your particular case, you should contact an attorney.

How do I file paperwork to go to court? Are there forms I can use?

Does it cost money to file a case?

If I have trouble reading, is there someone who can help me with the forms?

What are the names of the parties in a case?

How do I fill out the forms?

Where do I file the forms?

Once I’ve filled out my forms, how do I get the forms notarized by a notary public?

How do I notify the other person that I have filed a case against them?

If I have to file an Answer, do I serve the papers the same way?