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Assistance Animals in Rental Housing

Renting or leasing a home

Posted on 04/14/2021at8:17 pm

For People With Disabilities, What Are The Rules About “Assistance Animals” In Rental Housing?

What’s The Difference Between Rules About Pets and Rules About “Assistance Animals”?

What Are The Requirements To Be An Assistance Animal?

Who Is A “Disabled Individual” Who May Need An Assistance Animal?

Does An Animal Have To Be Specially Trained In Order To Qualify As An “Assistance Animal” under the Fair Housing Act?

Does It Matter What Breed, Size or Weight My Assistance Animal May Be?

What Does “Reasonable Accommodation” Mean?

How Can A Landlord Assess When An Animal Is A “Direct Threat”?

Can My Pet Also Be My “Assistance Animal”?

Can the Landlord Require Me To Present Proof of My Disability?

Do I Have the Right To Take My Assistance Animal To A Restaurant or Movie Theater?

Why Are Restaurants and Theaters So Different?

What Are The Requirements Under The ADA For Restaurants or Theaters?