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Legal Information

Appealing the Denial of Veterans Benefits from the Veterans Administration


Posted on 04/14/2021at8:17 pm

Where Can I Obtain Assistance With My Appeal?

What can I appeal?

What is the general overview of the VA appeals process?

What is Involved in the Application step?

What’s Involved in the “Notice of Disagreement” step?

What Does the Local Office Do After I File a Notice of Disagreement?

What Happens After the “Statement of the Case” Is Issued?

What Happens After I File the “Substantive Appeal” form?

If My Claim Is Denied By the Veterans Law Judge, What Choices Do I Have Left?

Tell Me More About the Hearings

What Should I Expect At a Hearing With a Veterans Law Judge?

How Do I Check the Status of My Appeal While It’s Pending?

How Long Can the Whole Appeals Process Take?