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Scam Prevention

Written by Legal Aid WV


It has come to the attention of Legal Aid of WV that there may be an active scammer claiming to work for our organizations to gain credibility for their scam attempts.

In light of this news and abundance of caution, we want to share our statement on our staff and services.

Legal Aid of WV provides services to our clients free of charge. We will never ask for payment for our services.  If you are not eligible for a fee waiver, there may be some costs involved in filing documents in court. When paying those court costs, it will be made clear to you that the money is used for filing; you will be given a receipt, and we do not use those payments as a form of income for our nonprofit law firm.

If you receive a call or other form of communication from someone claiming to be with Legal Aid of WV that you were not expecting, do not give them any personal information. 

If they provide a name, phone number, or any other information, write it down if you can.

You can contact your local Legal Aid of WV office to verify if the person works for us.   

If they do not, you can report the scammer to law enforcement or the West Virginia Attorney General Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-368-8808 or by using the Consumer Complain Form at https://ago.wv.gov/Pages/default.aspx. If the scam is targeting a WV senior citizen, you can also report it to the Senior Protection Hotline at 304-558-1155.

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