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Reasonable Heating in Winter

Utilities, Energy, & Heating at home
Written by Legal Aid WV


As the West Virginia leaves change colors and temperatures begin to drop, many renters will soon learn a surprising lesson: their furnaces or other heating units do not work. Thus, tenants will contact their landlords, only to learn that landlords are in no hurry to make the necessary repairs. However, there is some good news! Under West Virginia law, landlords are required to provide reasonable heating from October 1st to April 30th.

If you discover that your heating unit is not working, then you should immediately contact your landlord and request that he or she fix the problem. To protect yourself, you should make the request in writing, if possible. If your landlord refuses to make the repairs, then you may consider withholding your rent. However, if you do withhold your rent, then you must set aside that money and save it! Also, you cannot pay for the repairs yourself and then deduct that amount from your monthly rent.

If you or a loved one are having issues with your landlord, then apply for help from Legal Aid of West Virginia.

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