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Get Housing Help from Our Community Navigator

Written by Legal Aid WV


Please Note: As of 2022, we no longer have Community Navigator Services.

Legal Aid of West Virginia can assist you in your housing matter. It is estimated that there are as many as 14,000 evictions pending in the State of West Virginia. Many of these cases may be people who fell behind when they lost their employment due to the COVID pandemic. If you lost income because of the COVID pandemic, you may be eligible for rental assistance from the Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program (MRAP). If you are concerned about paying future rent, behind on your rent or utilities, or facing eviction, please contact the MRAP at https://www.wvhdf.com/programs/mountaineer-rental-assistance-program

If you are eligible, you can receive payment for past due rent and utilities and you may even be eligible for three months of future rent. You must still be in the rental unit to receive past due rent, so if you are behind on your rent, you should apply now! A court eviction does not need to be pending to apply. You may also be eligible for MRAP if you are current on rent, but behind on other bills, and at risk of falling behind on rent. If you have already moved, you may be able to get assistance with three months advanced rent for a new place and help addressing past due utilities.  

If you need assistance in applying for the MRAP program, you may contact our community navigator:


Brian Fletcher – Statewide


Brian can also help with:

  • Public benefits
  • Unemployment
  • Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program
  • Taxes (including child tax credit)
  • Other programs available to low-income West Virginians

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