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Dentists in WV that Accept Expanded Medicaid

Written by Legal Aid WV


Health Care for All WV (HCFAWV) created a resource to help WV residents with Medicaid access the new dental benefits. According to The National Institute for Health Care Management, dental care is a crucial part of physical health. Untreated gum disease can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Many Americans lack access to affordable dental care and thus these issues go untreated. Learn more at https://nihcm.org/publications/oral-health-health-equity

Part of the solution that HCFAWV has helped with setting in motion, is the passing of an expansion of Medicaid to cover $1000 a year in preventative dental care. They are hoping to expand the amount covered to keep our fellow West Virginians healthy and smiling.

Unfortunately, there previously hasn’t been an easily accessible source of information about which dental offices in West Virginia are accepting new patients, and many book several months in advance. Health Care for All WV just finished a comprehensive list of every dentist in WV who is accepting this extended plan. It also includes the offices that only accept Medicaid for children to free up spaces for adults at the offices that accept the adult plan.

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