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COVID Changes are Ending for Many with Food Stamps or Medicaid!

Written by Legal Aid WV


Some big changes are happening to SNAP (food stamps) and Medicaid in 2023. Here are some important changes you should know:   


Extra SNAP benefits you may have gotten to help during COVID are ending. Starting in March, everyone will only get the regular monthly SNAP (food stamp) benefits. This is based on your income, expenses, and family size.

Be Prepared. When you get your EBT deposit in March, check your balance.

Budget Carefully. You do not need to spend all your SNAP (food stamps) now. You can keep food stamps on your card as long as you use the card once about every 9 months. If you can save benefits from February to spend in a later month, it may help you in March when the extra benefits end.


When COVID started, the federal government passed a rule that temporarily stopped most yearly reviews of whether you qualify to keep Medicaid. This rule is ending. Starting March 2023, DHHR will begin to send renewal forms to people who get Medicaid. Each month, Medicaid will review a certain number of people, over the next year. 

Make sure DHHR has your current mailing address and other contact information. DO THIS NOW! When it is your turn to be reviewed, you want to make sure you get the renewal form.

Update Contact Information With DHHR: There are four ways to update your information:

  1. Online at WV Path: https://www.wvpath.wv.gov/  
  2. By email at dhhrbcfchangectr@wv.gov  
  3. Call Customer Service at 1-877-716-1212 
  4. Go to your local DHHR office

Check your mail and fill out forms. Everyone who gets Medicaid will have to go through the renewal process. Most people will need to fill out a form. Make sure to follow the deadlines in the form. Keep a copy of the filled-out form. Or take a photo of it with your cell phone.

Need Help?

Legal Aid of West Virginia may be able to help if you are having these kinds of problems:

  • You believe your SNAP monthly benefit is not correct
  • You have questions about how to fill out Medicaid renewal information
  • You are terminated from SNAP or Medicaid
  • You are having trouble getting information submitted or hearing back

Apply for help by calling 866-255-4370, or apply online.

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