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How to get your Security Deposit back

Renting or leasing a home

Posted on 07/12/2021at5:50 pm

How Do I Get My Security Deposit Refund From My Landlord?

What Is A “Security Deposit” That Is Covered By This Law?

Does My Landlord Have To Return My Security Deposit To Me When I Move Out?

What If My Landlord Now Is Not The Same Landlord As When I Moved In. Do I Have To Deal With The Old Landlord To Get My Refund?

What Is The Time Deadline For Getting A Refund Or A Statement Of Costs?

I Get Federal Rental Assistance (HUD, Section 8, Housing Authority, Low Income Tax Credit Housing, etc). What’s The Time Deadline For My Refund?

I Do Not Get Federal Rental Assistance. What’s The Time Deadline For My Refund?

What Can My Landlord Take Out Of My Security Deposit?

What Is “Reasonable Wear and Tear”?

Are There Any Type Of Damages That Cannot Be Taken From My Security Deposit?

How Do I Avoid A Claim That I Left the Unit Messy?

How Do I Prove I Left The Place In Clean And Good Condition?

What Kind Of Notice Do I Have To Give If I Am Moving Before The End Of The Lease?

Can I Just Leave the Key in the Apartment When I Leave?

What Can I Do To Make It Easy For The Landlord To Refund My Security Deposit?

If I Move Out Early, Does The Landlord Have To Try To Re-Rent The Apartment After I Leave?

If The Landlord Is Taking Money Out Of My Deposit, What Has To Be In The Letter I Get?

What If My Landlord Sends Me A Letter, But Takes Too Much Out of My Security Deposit?

What Do I Do If My Landlord Doesn't Send A Refund or a Letter In The Proper Time Limit?

What If My Landlord Still Won't Return My Deposit?

How Do I Sue In Magistrate Court?

If I Sue My Landlord, Can My Landlord Sue Me?

Summary of Steps