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Common Questions about Domestic Violence Protective Orders and Guns

Domestic Violence & Abuse

Last updated on 05/28/2021 at 4:25 pm

Safety alert!

How do I get a protective order?

Is there a difference between federal law and WV state gun laws?

Who is not allowed to buy a gun?

What does it mean to “possess” a gun?

If I file a Domestic Violence Protection Order, do I have to give up my gun?

If I have a DVPO, can my abuser keep a gun he or she already owns?

What if my abuser lives with other people who own guns?

If I have a DVPO, can my abuser buy a new gun?

What if my DVPO is only temporary?

What if my DVPO has expired or is terminated?

What is a domestic violence misdemeanor?

What is a domestic violence felony?

What can I do if I do not have a protective order and my abuser has never been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor or felony?

Is there an exception for hunting season?

Can my abuser use a gun for work as a police officer?

What if my abuser is in the military?

What will happen if my abuser commits a violation?

Where do I find out if my abuser has been convicted for a domestic violence misdemeanor or felony?

Can my abuser keep or buy a new gun if he/she has already been convicted of domestic violence?

Who do I call if my abuser has a gun and is not allowed to?