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Ombudsman Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The West Virginia Ombudsman Advisory Committee, required by West Virginia regulations, meets quarterly. The Advisory Committee provides advice and direction to the staff to improve the quality and efficiency of this vital program serving the most vulnerable West Virginia citizens of any age.

Committee Members

  • Adrienne Worthy, Executive Director, Legal Aid of WV
  • Amber Moore, Bureau of Social Services
  • Biddy Smith, Quality Insights
  • Bill Albert, Legal Aid of WV/BHA
  • Carissa Davis, Olmstead
  • Diane Gouhin, Edgewood Summit
  • Ed Hopple, Ombudsman Program Director, Legal Aid of WV
  • Elliott Birckhead, Bureau for Behavioral Health
  • Emily Jarvis, OHFLAC, Assisted Living Facilities
  • Gaylene Miller, AARP
  • Hanna Thurman, General Public
  • Holly Sheldon, Disability Rights of WV
  • James Lindsay, Financial Exploitation Taskforce, Legal Aid of WV
  • Jane Marks, AARP
  • Jenni Sutherland, Putnam County Aging
  • Jennifer Gower, Bureau for Social Services, Adult Services, Policy Unit
  • John Blair, Attorney General’s Office/Medicaid Fraud
  • Kelli Cooper, OHFLAC, Nursing Homes
  • Kimberly Taylor-Newsome, ADRC
  • Linda Sistrunk, Marietta Hospital/Psych Unit
  • Linda WahlBaker, Ombudsman/Legal Aid of WV
  • Marty Wright, WV Health Care Association
  • Michelle Angus, Bureau for Social Services, Adult Services, Policy Unit
  • Morgan Murphy, Good Shepard
  • Natalie Tappe, Quality Insights
  • Pam Meador, WV Health Care Association
  • Sharlene Liberto, WVCED/TBI Unit
  • Susan Wolford, Ombudsman/Legal Aid of WV
  • Suzanne Messenger, Bureau of Senior Services/State Ombudsman
  • Tammy Jo Painter, Communicare
  • Teresa Morris, Alzheimer’s Association
  • Terry McGee, Bureau of Medical Services

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