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Board Highlight: Bridget Furbee

Written by Legal Aid WV


Bridget Furbee was seated on the Legal Aid of West Virginia (LAWV) Board of Directors in early 2023, after winning the election for her region. Her dedication to continuous learning, mentoring newer attorneys, and giving back at every opportunity are the traits LAWV looks for in Board members.

Over the years, Bridget has found various opportunities to volunteer, but she says for the past five years, volunteering with the State Bar’s Tuesday Legal Connect (TLC) program has been a priority. TLC operates every week from 6-8 PM and gives West Virginians a chance to speak directly with an attorney for free to get guidance on a variety of legal issues. (If you are interested in volunteering for TLC, you can contact Cindy Withrow at 304-343-3013 x2182.)

“You don’t have to leave your house, so it’s easy,” says Bridget. “I find it extremely rewarding. I like working with people, and it can be a good learning experience, too.”

Legal Aid Board member Bridget Furbee with her family, including husband Steve, sons Tyler and Tanner, and future daughter-in-law, Kenzie.
Bridget (back right) with her family, including husband Steve, sons Tyler and Tanner, and future daughter-in-law, Kenzie.

Bridget is an attorney with Steptoe & Johnson’s Bridgeport office and often invites others at the firm to join her at TLC—sometimes in a manner that her colleagues describe as “aggressively helpful.” In many cases, she invites younger attorneys to volunteer and mentors them through the experience.

One such lawyer, Matt London, enjoyed his time at TLC working alongside LAWV employees so much, he decided to join the LAWV Board. When he moved out of his region last year and was no longer eligible, he tapped Bridget as a service-minded attorney that might be interested.

“I didn’t put my name in the hat. Matt put my name in the hat,” she laughs. “When he was a young lawyer at Steptoe, I encouraged him to volunteer, and he ended up getting on the LAWV Board. He’s a great attorney with a huge heart. When he stepped down last year, he offered me as a replacement. It was an easy sell. I knew if it worked for him, it would be a good thing for me.”

Bridget jumped in and started with a series of trainings designed for new Board members.

“From the get-go, I was impressed because the on-boarding process was top-notch! I trained via Zoom, and everything was easy to understand.  Further, they worked around my schedule, which can be crazy at times.”

A busy schedule is normal, as most attorneys will tell you, but Bridget knew it would be part of her future. She has always been ambitious in her career.

Born and raised in Bridgeport, Bridget has lived her whole life in Harrison County, with the small exceptions of her time at Marshall and WVU for her undergraduate degree and at WVU College of Law.

After getting her undergraduate degree, she began her career at a small oil and gas company in Clarksburg, where she learned from excellent mentors.

“The president was truly one of my best mentors: smart and open-minded,” she says. “He pushed me and challenged me, and he encouraged me to go to law school. I worked part-time while I was in law school, then came back to the company full-time after graduation and rose through the ranks. I’ve worked in oil and gas my entire career, and I joined Steptoe & Johnson in 2013. It’s a great firm, and I like the teamwork concept here. I’m doing what I love.”

When she finds extra time from her practice and volunteering at TLC, Bridget finds other ways to use her expertise to help others, including those in the recovery community.

“My family, like many in West Virginia, has been impacted by drug use. Once it affects someone you love, it gives you a much different perspective. One detour off the path to success can happen easily, and it’s hard to do a U-turn. If I can offer any help to folks, I know it can make a big impact.”

Bridget and her husband, Steve, are the proud parents of sons Tyler and Tanner.

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