Economic Development

About our Community Economic Development project

Legal Aid of West Virginia’s statewide Community Economic Development program (CEDLAW) provides free legal assistance to:

  • Individuals in WV with limited resources who want to start or grow a small business in an economically challenged community.
  • Nonprofits promoting community development to benefit low-income or low-opportunity residents.
  • Individuals facing barriers to work, education, or training because of problems with licensure, past criminal records, or other legal issues.

Not sure if you qualify? Reach out to us, and we can figure it out together!

young man and woman in front of produce stand

Do you have questions like these? We can help!

What type of employee rules/policies do I need for my business?

How do I start a nonprofit and obtain tax-exempt status?

Do I file my business as a limited liability company or some other type of filing to protect my property?

Do I need to apply for trademark protection?

Can I receive assistance in getting my driver’s license back?

Can I have my criminal record expunged?

Can I receive assistance in drafting legal documents such as leases or contracts?

Before You Call – Business Plans

We can help with legal problems you encounter when you begin to grow your business or nonprofit, but we can’t do the legwork needed to develop your idea. Before picking up the phone, you should have a solid plan in place. When you contact us, we may also ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your operation to determine whether we can assist you.

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