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COVID-19: Information on 2021 Expanded Child Tax Credit


Last updated on 05/31/2022 at 5:47 pm

How was the Child Tax Credit changed for 2021?

Can I still get the Child Tax Credit?


Am I eligible for the Child Tax Credit?

What are the income limitations for the 2021 child tax credit?

I did not work in 2021. Am I still eligible for child tax credit?

My child was born in 2021 or I adopted a child in 2021. Does she qualify for the Child Tax Credit?

How do I get the credit if my child was born or adopted in 2021?

If I claimed my child in 2020 because she was living with me, but she lived with her father in 2021, am I entitled to receive the 2021 Child Tax Credit?

I am not a U.S. Citizen, but my three children are citizens. Am I eligible for the Child Tax Credit?

Will this increased child tax credit amount become permanent?

Advance Payments

Can I still get the advance Child Tax Payments that I should have received in 2021?

Why did I receive IRS Letter 6419 about advance payments?

What if I have not received Letter 6419? How can I get the advance Child Tax Credit payment information so that I complete a correct 2021 tax return?

How would I know if I missed an advance Child Tax Credit payment?

How do I report missing advance Child Tax Credit payments?

What if I do not normally file a tax return because I don't have much income and I did not get advance payments. Can I still get the credit?

What if my payment was issued but I did not receive it?

How did the IRS calculate my income to determine my advance Child Tax Credit if my income changed?

I am divorced and share custody of my child with my former spouse. We agreed to alternate claiming our child on taxes. I claimed the child in 2020 so I got the advanced payments in 2021. My former spouse is claiming our child on taxes in 2021. Will I have to give the advance payments to my ex?

What if I am eligible to claim my child in 2021 but I did not claim my child on my 2020 tax return?

Were advance Child Tax Credit payments subject to levy or garnishment or offset?

Will the second half of my Child Tax Credit be garnished for a tax debt of my spouse?

What do I do if received more advance Child Tax Credits payment than I am entitled?

How could I have received more advance payments Child Tax Credits than I am entitled?

How will I repay the excess advance Child Tax Credit payments?

How do I qualify for the full repayment protection for filers based on income during 2021?

What happens if I have a balance due to the IRS because of the excess advance Child Tax payments, but I cannot afford to make the balance due payment when filing my 2021 tax return?

Making sure you get the credit- Filing 2021 Taxes

Can I still file a 2021 tax return with the IRS even though the tax deadline has passed?

What if I need help filing taxes? Are there places I can get help for free?

What if I the tax returns for the previous year(s) is still processing because an issue has not been resolved should I still file my 2021 tax return?

When will I receive my 2021 tax refund, if I file electronically?