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COVID-19: Expanded Child Tax Credit to Help Families in 2021


Last updated on 09/07/2021 at 4:44 pm

How was the Child Tax Credit changed for 2021?

How do I get the Child Tax Credit?


Am I eligible for the Child Tax Credit?

What are the income limitations for the 2021 child tax credit?

I have not worked in 2021. Am I still eligible for child tax credit?

My child was born in 2021 or will be born during 2021. Does she qualify for the Child Tax Credit?

Can my mother claim my children and receive the Child Tax Credit?

If I claimed my child in 2020 because she was living with me, but she lives with her father in 2021, am I entitled to receive the 2021 Child Tax Credit?

I am separated from my spouse, but we are not yet divorced. We filed married filing jointly in 2019 and 2020. Where is the Child Tax Credit sent?

I am not a U.S. Citizen, but my three children are citizens. Am I eligible for the Child Tax Credit?

Advance Payments

I heard people are already getting Child Tax Credit payments now. Can I get the advance payments?

How frequently are the advance payments sent?

How much is the advance payment?

How do I opt out of getting the advance monthly payments?

Why would I want to opt out of the monthly advance payments?

I am divorced and share custody of my child with my former spouse. We agreed to alternate claiming our child. I claimed the child in 2020. My former spouse is claiming our child in 2021. Should I opt out of the monthly tax credit in 2021?

If I want to unenroll in the advance Child Tax Credit and I filed married filing jointly last year, does my spouse have to unenroll too?

I am not able to unenroll for the advance payment of the Child Tax Credit on the Child Credit Portal. Can the IRS Taxpayer Advocate help me?

Updating the IRS-Changing Information

How can I update the IRS about a change with my family situation, like a recent divorce or a new child?

How do I get the credit if my child was born or adopted in 2021?

My address has changed. How do I update my information so that my monthly payment goes to the right place?

How do I change my bank account information before I receive the next monthly payment?

What is the deadline to unenroll or make changes to my bank account information for the advance Child Tax Credit payments?

How do I switch from a paper check payment to direct deposit?

How do I notify the IRS about a significant change in income?

Making sure you get the credit

What if I missed the tax return filing deadline in May 2021? Should I still file?

What if I need help filing taxes? Are there places I can get help for free?

What if I did not file a tax return, because I don't have much income. Can I still get the credit?

What if my payment was issued but I did not receive it?

Is tax information about the Child Tax Credit available to non-English speakers?

What is Letter 6419 and how is it related to the Child Tax Credit?

Will this increased child tax credit amount become permanent?