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COVID-19 and Paycheck Protection Program Round 2

Small Business Help

Last updated on 05/21/2021 at 7:52 pm


My initial PPP fund ran out and my business still needs assistance. Is there additional funding available to me?

Are there any changes to the PPP under this Act?

What type of businesses qualifies for the second round of PPP?

I received the initial PPP loan. How do I qualify for the second round?

How do I show a 25% reduction in gross receipts for the year 2020?

How do I calculate my loan amount?

Are there any changes for farmers?

What are the terms for these PPP loans?

What can I use the fund for?

Is this loan forgivable?

What are some of the tax consequences of PPP loans?

When can I apply for the loan?

If I did not apply for PPP in the first round, can I still do so?

What about the EIDL program?