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COVID-19 and Evictions

Eviction from a home, Housing Assistance & Subsidized Housing

Last updated on 08/27/2021 at 3:07 pm


Are there any special protections for renters because of COVID-19?

I was laid off or lost income due to COVID-19. Now I can’t pay the rent. Is there financial help available?

Waiting For This Financial Help, What Should I Tell My Landlord?

Should I make partial payments?

Can my landlord force me out without going to court? Can he shut off my utilities or change my locks?

If I can come up with the money I owe, can my landlord still evict me in court?

Can I be evicted for getting sick?

My landlord sent an e-mail requiring everyone to tell the office if they coughed, ran a fever, or had any other symptoms of COVID-19. Can my landlord do that?

Can my landlord call the police and make me leave?

Does my landlord need to go to Court even if I haven’t paid rent?

How long will it be before my eviction case is heard?