Struggling to pay rent or utilities because of COVID-19? Emergency help may be available.


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COVID-19 and Benefits Programs (Food Stamps and WV Works)

Food & cash benefits

Last updated on 07/26/2021 at 6:28 pm

As the COVID-19 emergency has gone on longer, Congress has passed a few laws to help Americans.  Some of them relate to public benefit programs like food stamps (SNAP) and WV WORKS (TANF, cash welfare assistance).  Changes to these programs are happening frequently. We’ll update this article when new information is available as soon as we can.


I lost my job and my income because of COVID-19. I wasn’t getting SNAP (food stamps) before. Can I apply for food stamps (SNAP) now? How long will it take to get them?

I Lost My Job And My Income Because of COVID-19. I have been getting SNAP (food stamps), but with no income I need more. Can I get an increase in my SNAP (food stamp) benefits?

I have an ABAWD work requirement for my SNAP. Because of the coronavirus emergency I’m not getting hours and I can’t meet the work requirement. Am I going to be cut off?

I am due for a review of my SNAP (food stamps) eligibility soon. Will my food stamps be cut off if I can’t go "in person" to that appointment?

I'm supposed to register with Workforce WV for job services because I get food stamps. I can't get through. What can I do?

I've heard that some people may get an extra SNAP amount because of COVID-19. Is that right, and who will get it?

I’ve heard the maximum allotment for SNAP benefits is supposed to be increased during the COVID-19 emergency. Is that true?

I’m a college student, will I be eligible for SNAP benefits?

PANDEMIC EBT FOOD STAMPS (for families with kids)

I have kids in school. I heard that we may get help paying for food when my kids have been out of school. When will I get information about this?

When will I get my child’s P-EBT card in 2021?

My kids aren't in school yet. Will we get P-EBT cards?


I was meeting my work requirements for WV WORKS. But I lost my job due to COVID-19. Will I lose my benefits?


I've gotten stimulus payments from the IRS. Can people receiving benefits like SNAP or WV WORKS get the stimulus payment?

If I get a stimulus payment will that money affect benefits like SNAP?